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How Kali Will Make Stranger Things 3 More Epic Than Ever Before

Don't hate on her character just yet.

In the controversial seventh episode of Stranger Things 2, “The Lost Sister,” Eleven leaves the safety of Hawkins to seek out her childhood lab mate. Many fans were left unsettled by the introduction of Eleven’s long lost punk rock sister and her band of misfits – what everyone (or maybe just me) felt was a complete plot deviation.

But at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles this weekend, Ross Duffer explained that they knew Eleven’s trip to the city “annoyed some people.” Producer Shawn Levy then defended why the trip was necessary. “It allowed Eleven to learn about her powers and gain more – which we need for episode nine. Her going away makes that return at the end of episode eight so powerful.”

Levy was right in that Eleven’s trip taught her how to unlock the deepest part of her powers. With Kali’s help, she was able to close the portal to the Upside Down (on purpose this time).

But by leaving the potential of the two sisters’ combined powers untapped, there’s the possibility for a kind of dual power that takes us beyond the opening and closing of a portal, which in itself took everything Eleven had. More importantly, it’ll allow for a stronger, more unstoppable monster than ever before for the third season.

After finding out that the Demogrogon of season one was just a foot soldier for the Shadow Monster in season two, the audience is going to expect something even greater for the next chapter of the series. Maybe the Shadow Monster will learn how to unlock the portal himself. Or maybe he will find a way to attach himself onto every character that entered the Upside Down. Whatever it is, season three will introduce something that Eleven won’t be able to stop herself, even with her “bitchin’” new look. And that’s where Kali’s character will come save the day.

Not such a deviation now, huh?


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