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HAPPY HOUR HUNT: Sagaponack Bar & Grill

Welcome to... the HAPPY HOUR HUNT Blog

ABOUT: Like many broke writers living in New York City, I love a good discount. So of course, in addition to my tireless search for the flakiest croissant and the most authentic guacamole, I'm also a connoisseur of the best happy hour spots. I have always been a happy hour fanatic. It's not just about the discounted drinks (although who doesn't cherish the ability to guzzle down half-priced alcohol?) - it's also about the never ending treasure hunt! There's some sense of power in finding a well-kept secret amidst the chaotic world of New York City.

So I've decided to create a section of my blog devoted to New York City happy hours. I'll be finding and reviewing as many as I can, while also downing a couple great drinks in the process. So welcome to the first post!


Flatiron District - 22nd St. b/w 5th and 6th

- The Gist -

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Happiness: $4 locally brewed draft beers (think Montauk), $5 Wolffer wines, & $9 selected cocktails

Food: Yes - $1 oysters

Return?: Yes.

Overall Happiness Rating: 9/10

My Happy Hour Hunt kicks off with Sagaponack - a nautically-themed restaurant with an outside appearance that was so unassuming, I walked right by it without noticing. Once inside, you'll enter a narrow space with high ceilings. With dim-lighting and a casual atmosphere, Sagaponack specializes in American (New) cuisine with a central focus on seafood.

My happy hour experience here was, I have to say... one of the best I have ever come across in the city. It is a little sad that this will be my first post, since as of now I'm not sure if there's a bar out there that can top this little Flatiron gem!

My friend and I sat at the extensive bar together. There were plenty of seats (which I love) and the chairs were oddly plush and comfortable. But let's get down to business here - what are the happy hour prices? This is where Sagaponack hooked me. They had locally brewed draft beers, like Montauk, listed for $4.00. The Wolffer wines were $5.00. And select cocktails were offered at $9.00. Not only this, but the happy hour lasted until 7:00 p.m. which I was very grateful for.

I ordered the Chardonnay first (as did my friend), and thought it mediocre. Something you expect from happy hour I suppose, but I still had my hopes up. Next, I tried the Classic Red which was a blend of many different wine varietals. My friend, again, ordered the Chardonnay (*sigh*). The Classic Red was a wonderful sipping wine, with the lightness of a Pinot but with intricacy in taste. And finally, I thought it was about time to order a cocktail. I tried the "Grapes of Wrath" cocktail, which to be honest, I found a little too sweet and unsatisfying. I didn't even want to drink it.

I know, I know. I said this was "the best" happy hour I've been to, but perhaps I'm just referring to the prices and the atmosphere. If you're going to come here, I'd say your best bet is to dive into the wines.

The last thing I should mention is the $1 oyster happy hour special. Try as you may, I will never suck down one of those shiver-inducing, slimy, fish shots. Oysters, to my boyfriend's dismay, are not and will never be my thing. But most normal people do like them, so it is important to note here in my review. Sip your $1 oyster alongside your $4 beer, and life is good!

All in all, I will 100% return to Sagaponack. And next time, I'll stick with the wine.


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