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6 Essential Shoes for Real New Yorkers

There are many things we can learn about someone by analyzing their feet. For instance wearing fashionable, leather Oxfords mean you probably work in Midtown and you’re probably wearing a suit. No shoes at all mean you’re either homeless or inordinately intoxicated. Sneakers with skinny jeans mean you’re a foreigner. And sneakers in general – at any time other than the gym – mean you’re a tourist. If you want to fit in here in New York City, proper and trendy footwear is an absolute must.

This list swoops in with six appropriate shoes that any New Yorker will tell you are “must haves.”

1) Black 5-Inch Pumps

The perfect going out shoes that are stylish and will match practically any outfit. It’s all about killing two birds with one stone here. Just take a look at some NYC apartment closets and you’ll understand why. Though now you’re thinking, well that’s great but what about walking?

2) Converse

Every New Yorker should own a pair of Converse for this specific purpose. If we lived on the West Coast, this requirement would be changed to Vans. A pair of cool, white Converse shoes are for those spontaneous weekend moments when you decide that today is the day you’re finally going to trek to Brooklyn for that flea market or go to the zoo in Central Park.

3) Flat Black Boots

Black, because all New Yorkers wear black… on black on black on black. These are your winter and fall “walking shoes.” Wear them to work, wear them out, wear them just because. They will never fail you and look oh so sophisticated. #black

4) Cute and Professional Flats

Contrary to the black boots, these are your spring and summer “walking shoes.” Grab ‘em in almost any color and they double as acceptable work wear! More birds down, my friends.

5) Kushyfoot Flats-to-Go

For those way-too-drunk nights where all you want to do is get home ASAP to grub on Chex Mix and chocolate. I give you your solution: disposable, foldable, ballet flats. Found at any Duane Reade, which means within a two-street radius at any moment in time, you can purchase these feet lifesavers! Kick off your heels (secretly), and slip on these beauties to get yourself back home.

6) Nike running shoes – but only for working out or riding your rental Citi bike

Okay, so here come the workout shoes. I mean, you can’t show up to your Soul Cycle classes in Converse. What a catastrophic faux pas that would be! Nike running shoes are wonderful gym wear, and they come in a ton of cool highlighter colors.


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